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Things To Do in Nepal

Bungee Jumping:

Bungee Jumping is among the most popular adventure activities for those visiting Nepal.  In Nepal you can attempt one of the world’s highest Bungee Jump near the Tibetan Border. CNN GO has mentioned the bungee jump at The Last Resort of Nepal as one of ‘Asia’s 5 highest bungee jumps’. And perhaps it’s world’s highest bungee jump on a natural setting with ragged rocks and raging rapids of Bhote Koshi River below.

 River Rafting:

Enjoy rafting in one of world`s highest rivers, the Bhote Koshi and others. Trishuli River Rafting is a more popular program. Depending upon the season of your travel, the rapids mostly range from Grade 2 to Grade 4. The raft follows through the rapids of different grades giving us the real feel of the white water rafting. Rest assured that your rafting adventure in the Nepal Rivers would prove an experience of the lifetime.

 Mountain Biking:

Wanna make a Mountain Bike Tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu?  We have a 22-days Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountain Bike Tour. You cross Tibet’s extremely remote and isolated Himalayan Ranges, a fascinating world of timeless splendor, unique tradition and breathtaking scenery awaits all travelers to the roof of the world. You may also ask us to make a customized Mountain Bike package to various destinations in Nepal.

 Everest Mountain Flight:

Enjoy the activities like flying over the Himalayas on a mountain flight. The Everest Mountain Flight offers a panoramic view over the hundreds of Himalayan peaks – an unparallel experience of a lifetime.

Jungle Safari & Elephant Riding:

The Chitwan National Park is famous for its elephant safari into the jungle. Elephant safaris are also available in the Bardia National Park. Chitwan National Park offers dense habitat wildlife & natural beauties, with rivers, marshlands, savannas with different land and aquatic wildlife. The Park is also home to rhinoceros, tigers, leopards, sloth bears, wild bison, gigantic dolphin, birds, butterflies, as well as the near extinct Gharials crocodiles.  You may even take a bath with an elephant and learn how to wash your elephant! Also enjoy the canoe ride and jungle walk.


Enjoy walking along the banks of Phewa Lake, admiring the stunning reflection of Fishtail Peak in the blue Phewa Lake waters. We make a sightseeing tour of any of the places that we could not have made the previous day. Take a boat around the Phewa Lake, the second biggest lake of Nepal. Paddling in the Phewa Lake would be one of the fondest memories of being in Pokhara. Enjoy the views of the Annapurna Himalayas, especially the Machapuchhre (Fishtail) in the blue-green Phewa waters. In Kathmandu, boating is available in the pond inside the zoo.

Paragliding in Pokhara:

Paragliding is an activity that offers experiences like no other. The best thing about it is that anyone can learn how to fly! Those new to the sport will be able to take a tandem flight with an experienced pilot. Your instructor will fix you to his / her harness and position you in the front. You will be attached to the parachute, which will be laid out on a grassy slope behind you. Your instructor will then tell you to run quickly down the slope. You will then take off into the air and start your flight; your instructor will steer the paraglide into thermals (patches of warm air) to gain height. The flying schools in Pokhara offer a wide range of courses.

 Rock Climbing:

Natural Rock here in Kathmandu offers for those who would like to climb some of the Nepal’s introductory ice peaks. The main objectives of the rock-climbing course is to provide pre-climbing experience for climbing participants or those who wish the rock-climbing experience just for itself.

 Top Tour Destinations in Nepal:

Lumbini: Buddha’s Birthplace

Birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini is one of world’s major religious, architectural, and historical places. The place is really a big area with monuments, temples, and ancients sites making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mayadevi temple is built on the exact place where Buddha was born. Some of the important landmarks and monuments in Lumbini include: Ashoka’s Pillar erected by Emperor Ashoka (249 BC) on the spot of Buddha’s birth which also has the oldest inscription in Nepal. There are also many Buddhist Temples founded by the devotees from different countries: Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, and Korean.


There are four places of cultural importance that for people visiting Kathmandu.These places are Kathmandu, Swoyambhu Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Baudha Nath Temple. The area of Boudhnath is also famous for over 50 Tibetan Gompas or monasteries, also being known as the ‘Little Tibet’.  The Kapan Monastery at Kapan Hill, a few kilometers higher north from Boudhanath is also known as Nepal Buddhist Mahayan Centre. There is also a nunnery nearby the main monastery, known as the Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery, home to about 400 nuns.

Pashupatinath houses a sacred lingam, or the phallic symbol of Lord Shiva. The Aryaghat alongside Pashupati and on the banks of the Bagmati River is a famous funeral site for the Hindus. The Pashupatinath receives hundreds of thousands of devotees from Nepal and India. If you happened to be during the Maha Sivaratri Festival, you will also see the naked Sadhus, known as Naga Babas. Moreover, some other places inside Kathmandu which are worth visiting are: Patan and Bhaktapur.


The medieval town of Bhaktapur, or the Town of the Devotees, preserves medieval arts, architecture, culture, and lifestyle to this date. One is sure to feel like travelling back into the past while walking along the Bhaktapur thoroughfares, squares and streets.


Pokhara is also sometimes called the Switzerland of the East. There is a massive Buddhist stupa of World Peace Pagoda, constructed by Buddhist monks from the Japanese Nipponzan Myohji organization on a narrow ridge high above Phewa Tal. Besides being a cultural monument, the site is also famous for the panoramic view it offers of the Pokhara Valley. A popular tour option is to cross the Phewa Lake on a boat and then hike to the Stupa. Hyangja is the site for Tibetan refugees who fled Tibet after the Cultural Revolution in China. You may try the Tibetan variety of foods, bargain for curios, and at the same time acquaint yourself with the Tibetan culture. There is the Tashi Palkhiel monastery in the tradition of Karma Kagyu tradition.

Chitwan National Park:

The Chitwan National Park is one of the most visited places in Nepal, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The National Park holds an important place in preserving the wild lives that are rapidly getting extinct from this planet. You’re almost sure to spot water buffalo, egrets, woodpecker, and deer in their natural habitat. The Park is also home to rhinoceros, tigers, leopards, sloth bears, wild bison, 500 birds, butterflies, as well as the near extinct Gharials crocodiles. You can do a number of activities here – an elephant safari, a nature walk, bird watching, a jungle drive or a canoe trip. You may even take a bath with an elephant and learn how to wash your elephant!  Don’t forget take a video of you giving your elephant a bath.  It will be one of the fondest memories of your lifetime.

Bardia National Park:

The Bardia jungle is home to a number of wild animals including Asian Elephant, Great One Horn Rhinoceros, Spotted Deer or Chital, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Samber, Swamp Deer or Barasingha, Nilgai, Black Buck, Wild Boar, Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Golden Jackal, and Striped Hyena, etc. Visit to crocodile breeding center and the Tharu Museum. There are also towers (Machan) at different places where you can wait for the unsuspecting wildlife to pass by so that you may shoot them (with your camera, of course!).

Top Trek Destinations in Nepal:

The two most popular Trek Destinations in Nepal are the Annapurna and the Everest Regions. Trekking in Nepal starting from the low landscape through the green hills, you can trek up to the foot of the great Himalayan ranges, such as Mt. Everest, Langtang, Kanchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Makalu and Annapurna or make a circuit of the highest mountains which since time immemorial has lured man to pit his courage and ingenuity against its dangerous challenge.

Some Popular Treks in the Annapurna Region:

Annapurna Basecamp Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Josmsom Muktinath Trek

Ghorepani poon Hill Trek

Some Popular Treks in the Everest Region:

Everest Basecamp Trek

Everest Basecamp Trek via Gokyo Lakes

Everest Basecamp Trek via Jiri

Peak Climbing:

The Everest region, along with boasting four of the world’s six tallest peaks (Mount Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Cho Oyu) is also blessed with numerous lesser mountain peaks. Similarly, the world famous region of the Annapurna, Langtang and Dhaulagiri Ranges also contain thousands of snow-capped Himalayan peaks. We have taken thousands of climbers to scores of Himalayan peak below 7,000 meters.

Some of our Popular Peak Climbing:

Island Peak Expedition

Mera Peak Climbing

Mera Peak Climbing and Amphu Lapcha pass

Island Peak Climbing with Everest Basecamp Trek

Island Peak Climbing with Gokyo and Everest Basecamp

Pisang Peak Climbing

Kyajo Ri Peak Climbing via Gokyo and Renjo La Pass


Nepal boasts eight out of world’s fourteen highest mountains, including the world’s highest Mt. Everest. Below is the list of highest mountains with their altitude and world ranking.  Himalayan Glacier Trekking has taken many adventurous climbers to the summit of world’s highest mountains, including the Mt. Everest.

Name Height         World Rank

Mt. Everest 8848 m.       1

Mt. Kanchenjunga 8586 m. 3

Mt. Lhotse   8516 m.        4

Mt. Makalu   8463 m.       5

Mt. Cho-Oyu 8201 m.        6

Mt. Dhaulagiri       8167 m.        7

Mt. Manaslu 8163 m        8

Mt. Annapurna       8091 m.        10