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Nepal at Glance

Nepal is our country. We can show you Nepal from all of the different angles: nature, history, culture/costume, religion, languages, people and politics.

Nature:- Nepal is rich in Nature.  We have many varieties of natural resources.  These resources have increased our value and allowed the growth of tourist infrastructure in our country.  Our highlands contain the rich mountain and water resources.  In the low country you will find dense jungles of lush vegetation and animals.  There are 3 major landscapes in Nepal: Terai – famous for foods/crops (the store of food stuff), Hilly region – good for habitation lovely environment and Himal region – famous for highest mountains on earth and known for their grandeur and beauty.  The Himalayan mountain range is the birthright of our country.

History:- Nepal was founded 1000 years ago.   Over the centuries it was ruled by many powerfully leaders.  Kirait, Mallas, Ranas and Shah were just a few of them.  They were popularly known rulers who left their mark on Nepal.  You can see the impression they have left on our country by visiting the Basantapur Durbar Square, the Patan, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, 55 windows palace and many other sites in and around Kathmandu.

Cultural/Costume:- The culture and customs of Nepal are very old, very rich and very colorful!  Nepalese find their identity by different rituals, cultural occasions and celebrations.  The variety of these different peoples and customs will amaze you!

Languages:- There are 122 languages spoken in Nepal.  All adding to the color and mystery of our country.

Religion:- 81% of the Nepalese population is Hindu, 9% is Buddhist, 4% is Muslim and 1.4% are Christians.  The higher you trek the more likely you will find Tibetan people.  In Kathmandu and the lower regions of Nepal you will find mostly Hindus. One remarkable aspect about religion in Nepal is that there is no conflict or fighting between them.

People:- Nepali people are always very polite and respectful.  We enjoy serving our guests.  Through out history Nepalese’s have been known for their bravery.

Politics:- The body politic in Nepal is in constant transformation.  Since we incorporated the Maoist’s into our government in 2008 there has been peace in the countryside.  The congress itself is anything but peaceful with political infighting and bickering going on constantly.