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Equipment Checklist

Packing list and Equipment:


1.      Big backpack

2.      Smaller backpack for your personal stuff (If you are using a porter and for short sight seeing)

3.      Two pair of wool long socks

4.      Three pairs of light trekking socks

5.      Fast drying underwear

6.      One pair of shorts

7.      One pair of light trekking pants

8.      One pair of warm winter pants

9.      Two technical long/short sleeve shirts (dry fit, fast drying)

10.  One fleece sweater for trekking

11.  Winter jacket/Dawn jacket

12.  Rain coat

13.  Comfortable “walked in” trekking boots

14.  Flip flops (you gonna need them to rest your feet after trekking and for the bathrooms)

15.  One fleece sweater for cold mountain evenings

16.  Thermal underwear, top and bottom

17.  Cap

18.  Winter hat

19.  Scarf, Buff or skiing mask

20.  Gloves

21.  Sunglasses

22.  Fast drying towel


Toiletries – Besides the basic necessary tools you are taking with you everywhere (shampoo, tooth paste and brush, shower gel, cream), you should also bring:

1.      Wet wipes

2.      Sun cream

3.      Toilet paper

4.      Antibacterial hand gel (Detol)

5.      Nail clipper

6.      Lip balm

7.      Tropical anti mosquito spray

Medical kit:

1.      Pain killers

2.      Something for diarrhea

3.      Pills against cold

4.      Nose spray

5.      Altitude pills

6.      Plasters

7.      Anything about blisters (needle, compeed)

8.      Sore throat drops

9.      Cream for muscle pain

10.  Pills and other medicaments you usually use

Other necessary thing you must have:

1.      Water purifying tabs (above 3000m the bottle water is way too expensive)

2.      Water bottle – 1+L

3.      Head lamp (for early morning trekking and the power cuts)

4.      Strings for hanging clothes

5.      Lighter and candles

6.      Swiss knife (with all the additions)

7.      Pens or Pencils (for you and for give a way to local kids)

8.      Note book (You want to make notes of your adventure)

9.      Camera

10.  Snacks (Protein bars or biscuits for the time between meals on the trek)

11.  Batteries, power bag

12.  Phone (Emergency, internet, alarm, clock, music, photos … )

13.  Book (optional)

14.  Hooks (optional)

15.  Map

16.  Guide book